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@Frymaster - Amtrak is indeed a government-owned corporation. Perhaps they should take a page from the Gov 2.0/OpenGov playbooks with regards to their social media presence.

@Valeria - It seems to me that they need to be a bit more transparent - all their tweets are promotional in nature and only bring to light the good rather than the bad and the ugly. I don't know if it's a lack of resources to handle incoming customer service issues on Twitter (which I don't really buy), "Will's" lack of experience, or Amtrak just turning a blind eye. They seem to be taking tentative steps in the right direction, which indicates to me that they have a tentative strategy. They're just not taking full advantage of the possibilities.

@Gabriele - You make a GREAT point about assigning social media marketing to interns or other such inexperienced individuals. The managing director of the communications firm I work for made this point at conference at which he was speaking a few months ago, as well in a recent article he wrote for Social Media Today:

Hi Valeria,

"I was musing how jobs have become increasingly so demanding that there is no or little tolerance for those distractions, even when they're accidents, or unusual occurrences."

This is cultural - I wouldn't be surprised if there was no word for late in Hindi or in the languages of the South Pacific.

There is a subtext to this discussion around complexity and sustainability. Complex systems rely on tolerances or redundancy. If we plan tolerance out our risk of "failure" increases.

Personally, the core of what we do is no more complex or demanding ( if you know what to focus on) - Sure some things are inherently demanding, but I have a deep suspicion that we might be going about the technology/business thing in a way that makes it harder than it might otherwise need to be.

"optimized and maximized" made me a laugh.


@Sherman - that would require for the organization to be in the loop and coordinated internally. For many, this is still challenge number one.

@Peter - it would have been less pleasant had it been raining. I was musing how jobs have become increasingly so demanding that there is no or little tolerance for those distractions, even when they're accidents, or unusual occurrences. Something for me to ponder.

@Gabriele - it's also hard to relearn to be human online when so much of our daily transactions are optimized and maximized.

@Frymaster - O'Reilly has been doing a fine job at documenting the progress that Government is making with Web 2.0...

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