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Thanks Valeria, interesting post. I hadn't seen Shel's stuff on braided journalism or the Dell site, so it's great to know about these. I absolutely agree that companies would do well to take inspiration from Dell and do more in the "marketing as media" mode. PR folks can play a central role here, although I'd suggest that all of marketing needs to centrally involved, too.

Thinking like a publisher is hugely important for marketers now, and bringing in experienced journalists is a great way to move in the right direction -- so long as the companies can indeed let journalists be journalists. And this is the hard part. I've been working in B2B tech for years, and, although there are some good examples like Dell and Cisco and Intel, they are still more the exception than the rule. Old habits of trying to control messages and puff up the story die slowly, if at all. But let's hope you're right!

@Jason - funny, I would have thought I just wrote a post about how journalists and businesses can collaborate to produce news directly for the public. I'm not really clear about what you mean in the middle of your comment too well. You seem to be saying journalists are one audience for PR. Indeed, I was talking of what could be. We know what is, don't we? And journalists are people, too.

@Brett - the line is indeed blurred. Good thoughts on creativity and innovation. Thank you for stopping by.

I think it could be the future of journalism and PR. The line is blurred already, is it not?
PR can certainly contribute to the bottom line, but how it does has changed with the growth of internet users, social media, and services like PRweb. If you look at the flow of information and who each segment is looking to engage and appeal to the process and relationship exposes itself. In my mind it goes something like this: consumers - businesses - journalists - consumers.
The interesting part of this is that it can start with any segment and move in both directions. It's only limited by the creativeness and innovative ideas of each party. Given the right ideas and execution it could be a tremendous asset. Just ask Dell.
What do you think?

Brett Relander

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