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This is such an important yet difficult concept. Easier to envision than to realize. Business school taught me the essence of this concept. There's a difference between value creation and value capture. The key is to capture as much of the value you create as you can (ethically speaking) - and the power goes to those who are adept at doing so.

Think about the photography market - so many free images - so many photographers clamoring for a scrap. Corbis and Getty figured out how to capture much of the value there by using their financial muscle to combine and market the talents of many photographers often at the expense of the talent.

It's tough for the independent creator as you say. Thinking you'll get rich writing and sharing no matter what the internet marketers want you to believe is a misnomer. No, you have think about how you productize and package your content in a way people will value - and pay money for.

Well said. I certainly don't pretend to have the answers but am trying to enjoy the journey.

There's a phrase people use when they're getting used to a new place. It's "putting down roots." I use this phrase all the time when people ask why it's valuable to create content in multiple places, on- or offline. Put down roots in a community. Give them what they need to grow, attention and thought in this case, and watch them flourish.

Whether you're looking for white space or joining in something already existing, you have a surer chance at success as a content creator if you put down roots in many places and give them the attention they need than you do if you stick to a single spot and try to grow the largest, most revenue- & attention-generating machine possible.

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