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@Deirdre - associations are the perfect fit for content curation, they could include the content of their members, build community by helping with insights and connecting members, etc. It takes a bit of letting go of the old ways and being a bit more creative, dare I say resourceful?

@Barbara - we're not born fully formed, so we learn these things as we go along. Just see your work as a progression and focus on the high value activities once you figure out what would be even better.

@Ed - thank you for stopping by.

@Erin - maybe more companies need librarians to catalog and propose knowledge and information in new ways...

@Gabriele - yup, my whole participation on Twitter is based on curating content and conversation.

@Margie - part of the concept of being helpful and demonstrating you are listening is to propose and organize information, resources, etc.

@Ian - my main tool is my brain, and I have talked about how we process information. As for technology, that will cost you, it takes time to test, evaluate, etc ;)

@Anne - good thoughts. Many organizations that are serious about integrating two-way communication tools into their plans build editorial calendars that cut across campaigns, divisions, and roles to provide a fuller experience for customers and prospects. It's a lot of up front work, however it makes maintenance easier and sustainable, which is where you win.

Hi Valeria. Thanks for another great post.

The technology has certainly changed our customers' behaviour and therefore the communications tools in the marketer's toolbox.

Agree re strategy. To identify objectives (ie what are we trying to achieve here?), understand our audience and develop content to suit are all key. It's also exciting and so valuable that today's technology enables easy measurement of our efforts - the results of which can be fed back into the strategy for refinement.

As part of the management of an integrated marketing strategy, the content strategy can be synchronised even in larger organisations - with staff being given responsibility and guidelines for certain areas. Perhaps like a firm's 'style guide' for brands - there could be a 'content strategy guide'.

Thanks! Best wishes.

Valeria - it would be great to see you post reviews/comparisons of some of the emerging content curation tools if you ever find time to do that?

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