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It's incredible to witness the power of a business making feel its employees comfortable enough to put all the best they got to improve the customer experience and the business itself.
I agree that only people *happy* about their job and their working environment can truly express this attitude towards the customer, especially due to the fact that those guidelines aren't unreasonable at all, but meaningful and logic.

@Mike - I was reflecting that unexpressed can be bridged with communication and with non verbals, by doing, acting upon...

@Raul - the manual without the application, and, more importantly, the belief, is checking the box, theater (or bureaucracy). Leading by example would be a good start in many organizations. Setting expectations as part of that, of course.

@Anne - I'm not an outdoors (in that way) kind of person, and you just inspired me to want to learn more about AMC. Love and respect are very powerful motivators, they start from the very core of what makes us human. What a great example. Thank you.

@Ricardo - showing that you care communicates attention and regard, and connects. Plain language does help.

Re: "I own and immediately resolve guest problems."

We deal with technology. We sell website designs and IDX technologies to real estate agents. As is the case with technology, users at one time or another might experience a problem. Being able to live up to the above referenced statement makes all the difference between having happy clients that are readily willing to refer you and having a dissatisfied customer.

Even if you don't have a solution for a client, a simple "I'm looking into this for you" goes a long way. It shows the client that you care.

Anyway, love the list and everyone in our office should have something similar (and in plain English of course).

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