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I agree - a thoughtful post. I also try to use the "count to 10" rule mentioned by @Elizabeth. I love the idea of doing the work and setting it aside, revisiting the content before posting.

Thank you for all of your posts. Between managing my college's social media and my fiction writing, I don't currently have time to blog. However, if I do start one I will use so much of your counsel.

Have a great week!

@Eric - you had the wrong voice, yet were hired on the basis of your skills and experience... which makes me wonder why in companies communications are run by the most conservative and risk-averse people. You'd be surprised by the number of people with a new blog trying to get link juice here by commenting nonsense to 3-4 posts in a row and using the name of their company. There are plenty who don't care, and they get back in the currency they dispense. Glad you were able to shift into a more accepting culture.

@Elizabeth - there is a fine line between being knowledgeable on a topic and thinking that because one has built a following, they are infallible. Inability to participate in a civil discussion about disagreement is also a culprit, along with the subtle intimation that plays to human needs for revenge (Dan Ariely does a good job of describing where that comes from in a book I reviewed here a few weeks ago). There is another side to paying attention to what readers value, and that is playing to what readers will reward with positive comments and writing into it. It's a balancing act for sure.

@Gabriele - when writing in the moment, one can assume too much about what the reader knows. So it's about self-censoring, as much as writing clearly. I know I have a long way to go to do that, still.

I probably didn't dare enough so far, Valeria.
I never thought "wow I shouldn't publish this", so I guess I never really exited my "comfort zone" so to say. But I am still learning, so I hope I am excused ;)
What I really liked about your post is about writing a while before publishing to have time to edit the post in a new light. I do the same and I can clearly see the benefits of it.

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