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I had an experience with no response and it was quite frustrating. It was not over purchasing a product or service and being unhappy though. The company offered a promotion through Facebook and clearly listed their rules. The two people who won clearly broke the rules and the guidelines. I left a post regarding this and how it was not right when the majority of people followed the guidelines and they wouldn't respond. There were a lot of other irritated people as well. Classic case of social media/networking going wrong and a company who turned a positive into a negative.

Plenty of organizations (and "consultants") seem to think social media is some kind of silver bullet. It isn't.

Those who genuinely seek to *serve* the *customer* likely adopt social initiatives naturally, as it intuitively supports those activities.

Those who are looking to social media as a silver bullet that will make their mediocre, unsupported "customer service" departments suddenly contribute to increased sales are the ones bitching about a lack of results.

I can't subscribe to the notion of people not knowing how to utilize social media when it's clear the issue is really they don't know how to (or aren't otherwise interested in) actually serving their customers.

Treat the people on the other end of the API like they were sitting right next to you - in the flesh. Why is that so hard?

I've been reading a lot of case studies recently about the successes that some businesses are experiencing as a result of revving up their customer service via social media. For example, I have come across a number of airline commercials that have successfully gone viral that show flight attendants promptly serving their (often famous) customers while dancing, singing and smiling. However, many businesses still don't have a social media presence and the majority of businesses who decide to set up social media accounts don't even have a strategy. It might take a while, but I sure hope businesses are influenced by posts such as this one and catch on soon as it makes me cringe every time I hear a story about someone who Tweeted to 10 thousand followers about a bad customer service experience. Business is service. It's time industry leaders catch on that social media is the best way they can offer it to their customers.

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