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I am very interesting in the process behind the organization of successful conferences and I find this article very interesting.
I have been writing about the progressive end of real-time conversations due to all the asynchronous alternatives we all have and prefer more and more, and I believe conferences are one of the last and most effective example of effective real time conversations everyone should try out as much as possible.

@David - we could start with room configuration. Some sessions should be circles, others discussions on a thesis or paper that takes a position with distribution of copies of the paper (best not to try to do that by PowerPoint, which is just a delivery mechanism). Open space is where most of the interesting stuff happens...

@Brian - I'm so glad to be helpful to you. You have given much to this community and many others. Let me know how it goes. And try a couple of different formats.

@JDEbberly - which is why the hallways are usually filled with animated conversations.

@Peter - yes, the "you are keeping me from something/making me late" syndrome. I think about it as cars zoom by me in my morning run. Good question, what would happen if we blew up the current operating system and built something different? The parties afterward are an impossible venue to speak and connect, so there is no escape from the cycle. I tend to book dinners, breakfasts, lunches whatever is available, to meet with people for as long as it takes.

This is auspicious.

It speaks to our patience for all the wrong things in life.

We listen patiently for an hour or more to boring and uninspired presentations(answers).

But watch as someone rises to ask a question that takes a little longer to explain or is not that articilate, and the udience becomes impatient and sometime hostile.

We and the conference industry has become captured by a not so subtle dynamic ( an operating system) that unconciously or not makes it incredibly hard for anything unexpexted, real, authentic, human to happen. What are we scared of?

"one simple touch of a human hand could far exceed all the impact of all the digital libraries in the land."

Indeed and does.

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