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@Patrick - it's another one of those things I said a long time ago, that marketers are in the fashion business, when nobody was there to hear it. And I am meditating a post about that, too. What happens to innovation if nobody notices? Yes, you do get what you pay for, a lesson everyone should have.

@Neil - thank you for the link. Apple is in the service business, most companies are. Yet so many don't pay attention to what their customers love. Apple does.

@Timothy - even when organizations are not customer-centric, those who are customer-focused win. Admittedly, the bar is still quite low.

I would have to complete agree, with you, about the importance of customer service experiences-it's what makes companies like Apple, Clarks, Babeland, & Zappos are truly amazing. Those companies have a level of customer focus and experience that you simply don't get at your run-of-the-mill shop. It's also why the above-mentioned companies continue to have a growing score of loyal and raving fans.

Nice post - and I totally agree. As more and more products become disposable, flimsy and plastic - the ones that stand out as being long-lasting feel more valuable; more worth talking about; and more easily recommended to friends.

People made such a fuss about the "boring" Beatles announcement from Apple last week - and yet it really served to show how they aren't just "making computers". They have positioned themselves as curators of culture and design, which transcends through their media ventures and into the products they sell and the lifestyles of their customers.

I wrote a similar post last month, on the value of "showing your work" - how businesses can build added value into their products by adopting and demonstrating the ethos of an artisan. http://neilbearse.com/2010/10/31/show-your-work/

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