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When I was young, my parents harped on me about making plans for college. When I got done with school, that's not the route I wanted to go at that time in my life. I worked my butt off, crawled up the ladder in a few different businesses and then for my own reasons, I went to college. The one thing I can say is that I am glad I followed my own heart and did things on my own time. What I learned previous to college still helps me today, more so than anything I ever learned from college. By following my own path instead of the path of someone else, I feel I was better prepared for the way I think and what I want out of life.

@Daniel - a better question might be what is normal? Conforming to whose idea? Granted, as I said in the post, there are reasonable practices and ways to be in a society, or we'd have complete chaos.

@Tacita - thank you for stopping by and giving up an update on your business. It's good to hear things have gotten off the ground for you.

@Gabriele - good way of looking at it, thinking about self-confidence, and sometimes a mentor or someone you trust to give you the extra props you need to go for it.

@Brian - good.

@Adam - you're very welcome.

This made my day. Thank you Valeria.

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