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Valeria, By "purify" I meant the main denoted meaning of the word relative to removing spam. I was referring to any connotation relative to politically motivated content blocking or other nefarious content removal.

@Ari - interesting interpretation of my words "find out what is going on or to report what we see and experience more than we're aware of doing" what else do you do on Twitter, pray teach us?

@Fred - thank you also for the quick exchange on Twitter today. I enjoy a smart conversation. You are correct about "have some sense of journalist fact checking", it was Christiane Amanpour who lamented how news organizations have done away with reporting a few years ago. Building anything takes work. We are lucky that there are passionate people who are doing this work for the benefit of the community quite often, actually. Wikipedia, Twitter lists of several people, content aggregation and curation in blog posts, often providing some food for context... some of us are not trained journalists, however, we are trained and experienced corporate communicators, marketers, strategists, etc. - people who can think and discern information. I don't know exactly what people do in school here in the US, they taught us to think critically in Italy, question reality, find sources and data... is that not what journalists do? One of the best I met was a former English teacher, another one a researcher. And imagine when people can now capture video and audio footage and post it raw, without the "positioning" or "enhancements" to protect your sensibility (and the tail of some official). Plus, to me it's in addition to, not as a substitution, even though newspapers and mainstream media will continue to adapt and change (aren't many news orgs owned by private corporations?).


Twitter as a true/valid news feed is an interesting idea that can work if one critical component of Twitter can be fixed: verification of facts.

The "Branded" news-oriented Twitter accounts already do a good job of providing links to news stories that have some sense of journalist fact checking, but for the majority of users looking through the random stream of tweets, knowing who to trust (or building/curating your own circle of trust) can be an overwhelming experience.

Like you, I've come to use Twitter in a more self-directed manner, creating my own lists, using it as a spark to investigate a particular story or event, and learning (the hard way) which sources are reliable. I also use it to sample crowd sentiment or get real-time updates on particular events as they happen in real-time.

But while I really liked your notion that "data points can be corrected in real time by people who are closest to where the incident is taking place", I'm also very aware that perspectives and agendas vary considerably from person to person, and have seen my share of inaccurate information tweeted from various sources.

Until Twitter (and the user community) can find a way to improve the quality/fact-checked level of information (read that as trust), I'll continue to use it as more of a daily news supplement than a true news feed.

Thanks for bringing this issue up - it is one which needs a great deal of further discussion.


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