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It's intriguing you link to Dick Costolo's interview yet he admits *HE* doesn't know Twitter's long-term vision. I surely don't.

News system? That implies broadcasting. And I don't want to be broadcasted at.

@Roger - I agree that it needs filters. I wrote *system* and not "channel" for that reason. The use of the term purify in this context is a bit scary. You already have control over who you follow and what you read/believe.

@Umberto - I use it as an early alert system, to then do deeper dives elsewhere (they include newspapers in many languages, and radio, believe it or not). And yes, official streams of bodies like the CDC, fire departments, and so on, are a tremendous public service.

@Lalo - I'm a big believer in critical thinking and in personal accountability. We should do our homework on news, and information.

@Melody - using lists is helpful to filter content, for example. As is forming groups of people or streams one follows more closely. I often look more closely @ replies and DMs or specific search terms I stream.

@Gabriele - you forget pitches by DM. I get many of those, only once, though ;) Putting people at the center to see what they see, and then verify it with other means. It may be a bit more work, but we do have many more tools at our fingertips today.

Twitter has definitely got the potential to become a news system of choice. The news is given in a more general way by "mainstream media" and then it's updated and "localized" bit by bit by people closest to it, putting people at the center of not just generic information, but specific localized news events as well.

The changes you suggest are very meaningful, and they'd be much needed overall. Especially a better handling of DMs, which right now are relegated as simple auto-spam greeters or "thankers" that annoy us more and more everyday.

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