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Valeria, hi. I'm the Chief Evangelist for I read your article on content curation with great interest since Pearltrees is arguably the world's first and potentially most versatile collaborative curation platform.

I think it's important when discussing curation of digital content to discriminate between aggregation and curation as was done in this post:

And further to discriminate between platforms that curate only a limited source of data and those that simply curate a single stream (such as twitter) from those capable of curating the entire web.

Finally I think it is important to address the idea of context when it comes to curation.

When you do I humbly submit that Pearltrees (which has a very large user base and one that is currently growing at over 30% per month) is certainly worthy of inclusion in your list and also represents one of the most powerful and flexible of the new tools for the human organization of the web - which is, after all, one of the three key underlying principals that drove the original development of the Internet by Tim Berners-Lee and his associates at CERN.

Should you be interested in taking a closer look at our platform and/or would like a detailed demonstration of our most recent (and fully collaborative) release, please feel free to get in touch with me directly. It would be my pleasure to show you what Pearltrees can do.

Finally, for a great post on the third phase of the web (content curation) please check out this post by Pearltrees CEO, Patrice Lamothe: .


Oliver Starr

I'm still very much a forum participant. For every blog I read, I scan two forums. The organization of multiple threaded discussions set the standard for our online discussions today.

Consider the blog. How is it different from a forum beyond scope/depth? There is an original post followed by threaded discussion. Discussion forums are even common on Facebook.

What I would like to see is something like Google Buzz - only more useful. Truly portable content. I write a blog post, I can plug it into any number of platforms like a widget. Consider it a universal API of sorts.

Thanks for giving forums the credit they deserve, Valeria. They are still very viable social environments.

Thanks for the handy post, Valeria. I have to say, I share your perspective on

A client of mine wanted to do it and I had to ask "why." The answer? "It looks cool."

Not a good enough reason in my book. Why can't folks let content lead the way?

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