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@Alessandra - which to me is where social is really powerful.

@Jeff - it depends on the executive... I've meet many enlightened ones who would use the material to inform their thinking. Perhaps a way to touch upon topics where all humans are vulnerable - health, the need for support and outreach - will help the others see the light. Definitely helpful for those who don't live and breathe this daily.

@Beth - having now read *so many* books on social media, it was refreshing to read one focused on social change with new stories. And yes, the outreach was well done.

@Brian - isn't it fun how the dots connect once we get excited about possibility and opportunity?

@Andy - I know how hard it is to write a book, especially since choices need to be made about what to leave out. And often, as in this case, the idea is hatched in conversations or in the course of living life situations and finding a way to make them better/change or affect them somehow. Kudos to you both for making it happen and keep up the good work.

@Mark - the book is more about harnessing the power of technology to affect social change, more than about tools. There are other materials that are more tool-specific.

@Jason - thank you for sharing the link. I agree with you, this will help any business that wants to affect change. Marketing and branding are a symptom of a good business model (cause).

"The Dragonfly Effect" is a great book about a great topic and, you're right, a practical guide to those who aren't social media "gurus/ninjas/experts/whatever".

I was fortunate enough to host a Twitter chat last week with Andy Smith (@kabbenbock) on "Social Media for Social Good," and he was generous enough to share his insight with us (summary of chat is available here- -for those interested).

Even if you're not in the realm of non-profit or advocacy, the lessons learned about "cause marketing" apply across the spectrum. Getting users to "buy in" to your cause - even if it is a for-profit entreprise - is the best kind of marketing you can do.

Thanks for the post, Valeria.

Social media always helps me connect brilliant people to wonderful causes. I use and # Foursquare on social media. Do you also include tutorial on that?

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