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It's one path of forensic evidence that'll tip you off to who's working with whom for real.

Like cell phone records. Kinda. Like digital dumpster-diving.

There's a place for it, and yes, somebody will make a better mousetrap.

I look at my own Klout score/summary and I have to agree with what I see there.


Your points about context and trust are exactly why I value the long form context and thought process displayed in an individual's blog post, eBook, or blog comments. That's why I find it hard to believe that individuals would place so much weight in a Klout score that focuses on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook which are based on short-form context or an update mentality.

I believe that measuring and understanding influence in social networks is vitally important. However, it's going to take more than a Klout score, convenient soundbites in someone's Twitter stream, and the social proof of thousands of Twitter followers to convince me these factors are the sole basis for anointing someone as an influencer or thought leader of merit.

Show me you can structure an argument, have done the fact-based analysis to support that argument, and after reviewing and understanding those items within the proper context, maybe I'll grant you my trust.

Thank you Valeria for thoughtfully provoking our thoughts and opinions with this post. I can't wait to read and learn more as you share more about this continuing and compelling subject.

Parking the debate as to the value of klout for a moment, I think there will be pretenders to the the Klout throne. The trouble with Klout is that it's routed in one social media channel - Twitter. But our social media lives, more so than ever, sit in a multitude of different channels.

Klout's strength is to recognise the demand for people to be measured against a set of criteria. The trouble is, that it should be used as a guide and not as the gospel truth.

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