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You are singing my song. I just finalized a social media strategy with a huge emphasis on the content plan. To me it is incredible that during most of my research for supporting documents, there is a disparity between social media and content for the social media. Having a plan in place before launching an aggressive online strategy is key to success, visibility and I would say relationship building online.

Thanks for re-emphasizing what I suspected to be true, but had a difficult time finding. All along...I should have been looking deeper in here ;)



I think you are correct in that you can be successful by overcoming those three challenges, but I would also add 'empower' to that list. Writing to some degree needs some personality and confidence to ring true with the reader. Even though our team has informal reviews on content, we try to let the other feel empowered by their writing. Otherwise, it can feel much more like completing a chore.

To reply to Gabriele's question, it is very important to have a well thought out strategy in place before you start any social media activity for business purposes. At the outset and throughout your social media activity, resource allocation, workflow and governance all need to be taken into account, as Valeria points out. I can say from personal experience that building a community around a brand through social media requires a lot of strategic thinking. You have to consider before hand who your community will be, how will you find them, how you will consistently reach out to them, what type of content you will produce, where you will post it, how you will promote it and how you will manage and monitor all of this over the long-term. Time is money so you really do have to have a plan in place instead of just playing trial and error. It looks very unprofessional when a business simply quits their social media activities because they were unorganized, and this happens all too often.

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