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Excellent post. For those that took a day or two to figure out Friendfeed, they now continue to defend the service as the best of the best. Even after all this time the features and presentation of Friendfeed are well superior to all others. Compare the real-time Twitter feed in Tweetdeck or the Like function of Facebook to Friendfeed's original implementation as examples and you'll understand why it is still three to five years ahead of the curve in many ways.

I am a FriendFeed addict and I still think it's the best place for information discovery.

Item number one is the main reason, Friend of a Friend functionally lets me select a smaller group of people (150) to put into my home feed. That smaller group of people brings me everything I'd want through their likes and comments on other people's content.

Instead of using an algorithm to find interesting content, my filters (PEOPLE!) do it for me. Facebook is actually starting to do this - not surprising given the influence FriendFeed has had at Facebook.

But even if Facebook does fully implement FoaF, point 9, 11 and 12 may keep me on FriendFeed.

FriendFeed is where I lifestream, mixing my general interest, humor and rants in with my business. Its simply feels more ... open, and not at all about who has the most subscribers, or can get the most likes or any other ego-based, game-theory infused mania.

I agree with you in this statement "I see this network as the best place where to hold conversations and curate content..." Now a day, this is one of the latest medium for advertising and marketing.

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