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@Gabriele -- user-generated-content should not be a substitute for having a solid plan and helping it along; look where Second Life is today. People fall in and out of love with brands all the time.

@Shaun -- I did see the announcement. I was blown away by the work submitted. And yes, I also saw the announcement of Common and the crowdsourced Ridley Scott short. Your comment about this being the beginning is spot on. I marveled at the trend still being such five years later. Then again, we do often see the future way before we can get there.

@Taylor -- helping make what we buy spawned a whole industry in high end jewelry; I was thinking the other day how I walked out of my local store a year or so ago, with a story on my wrist which took me two hours to put together in glass and silver beads, Trollbeads to be exact. The craftsmanship is is excellent in so many jewelry items, to stay with the example, the prestige is there with some, I'm thinking Tiffany's. However, being able to put the two together to form a unique story that speaks about you and to you is pricey ;-) I could not resist. Pandora is a similar line. Given how crowded each market is, we do need experienced strategists to guide the research and differentiated execution more than ever.

@Brian -- some companies are more open than others. I love your future proposition. However, I believe that it still happens as a combination of experience/expertise and want/need.

@Andrea -- thank you for visiting. The lines and definitions are definitely blurring. One thing is for sure, we can use some fresh thinking and doing in business.

Great post Valeria,

working on some co-creation approach I think you really get the point. I really think Co-creation is more than simple crowdsourcing campaign or creative idea. Co-creation should be a way to find insight and transform it in actionable innovation. Enterprise should start to co-create using customers insight before engage them in some long term project to know how they could really deserve co-creation in-side and outside the organization.

Say, that's a solid value proposition!

Then: Companies devised and sold products.

Now: Companies are more open to their customers helping in the development of new products.

Future: Companies will exist solely to coordinate resources/processes behind the production of goods (ahem) betters.

What would happen if a major conglomerate like SC Johnson made a statement along the lines of, "We can make anything - ANY. THING. - We have the supply chains, the resources, the production facilities, and the manpower. What could we make that would radically change the world for the better?"

And then made it happen.

(Umair Haque would probably faint, methinks.) :P

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