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I appreciate you opening up so much in this post, Valeria, as it has allowed me to notice some similarities between us. I too have been a vegetarian for most of my life and very recently integrated fish into my diet for health reasons. I’ve managed to balance my grain and protein intake to some degree, but the dark and cold winter encourages me to eat toast with melted butter far too often. Writing things down sounds like a great approach to curbing my appetite towards healthier options.

As a newcomer to a relatively new industry, I’ve gone through my stages of walking on eggshells. With so many opinions being shared at light speed in online forums, I’ve had a tough time harnessing my own voice and being confident in my own opinions. One of my goals for the New Year is to set time aside in the evening for contemplation. By doing so, I hope to unlock creativity and open-mindedness to reflect on more diverse viewpoints.

A huge lesson that I learned this year is that respect is earned and cannot be commanded otherwise. I’ve been working away in the social media world for about half a year now and have come across a number of personalities, some that I deeply respect and some that, sad to say, leave a nasty taste in my mouth. You’ve been a guiding light through this process, and I thank you for that. Happy New Year.

I would wholeheartedly agree with #1 and 2. In fact, I put both into action in 2010. Starting my own business was something my gut had been telling me to do for years--but I was scared. I finally owned up to that fear, tackled it head on and I'm off and running. So far, so good. And, as for writing down goals, I make a habit of that not only at the beginning of the year (trying to read 26 books in 2011 and work out three times a week), but also monthly (more from a business perspective). I've found if I don't formalize it by writing it down, it escapes my mind quite easily.

What a nice gift, Laci. Thank you. I was familiar with the poem, and I am glad now the community can read it with this post.

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