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@Christina -- and shout louder, or write more controversial stuff ;) Shortcuts and silver bullets, yeah, see where they got humanity.

@Rich -- I'm starting to think that those who care are at a disadvantage over those who don't. Ignorance is bliss as the saying goes. Thank you for the thought starter, as always.

@Gabriele -- yes.

@Taylor -- "Helping determine how much, and where to apply it, is where you come in" I'm starting to think that we're collecting data because we can. There is a tremendous need for certainty and validation. The gold rush is here to having all the answers, which are never in one place alone. They come by connecting dots, yes, and collaborating. Yet, I'm not seeing the correspondent behavior. In fact, quite the opposite. Everyone chasing the last bit down the bottom. (looking forward to your thoughts on customer value, as I have my own :)

Connection, not reach. Actions, not talk. Quality, not quantity.

Without the context of the group or the relevant action, a score is meaningless (as it is with all metrics).

Scores work as heuristics and proxies, part of the equation in measuring influence. But only a part of the equation. Helping determine how much, and where to apply it, is where you come in.

(I have a longer thought about your post about differentiated levels of customer service based on how "valuable" a customer they are. Another day.)

I believe it's not really much about how many connections, visitors, followers or friends you have, but about the final goal you're "networking" for in first place. If all the contacts-building tactics work harmoniously towards a specific strategy, forged to achieve certain goals, then that's alright and it becomes pretty easy to measure wether or not you're getting what you want out of it.

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