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Great post, Valeria. And thank you for linking to me. This series of statements were particularly spot on: "there is no reliable qualitative information, as well as definite correlation to a desired change in behavior and actions in the community, even as in some cases, they give the impression that something may be happening or has happened -- a retweet, a link shared, etc.
It seems to still be related to those other impressions that mean so little to connecting trust and authority with relevance, and ultimately action."

And I look forward to your follow up post next week. Influence as a measure has a lot of kinks to be worked out. I also posted on influence and the social media bubble this week, and think that we can stand to look at some non-influence metrics a little more. You know, like business actions (not the watered down influence version).

@Matt -- promise to connect at SxSW or even before. What you say makes a ton of sense, and of course it's where I'm headed myself. The person who simplifies wins. How it is with everything: processes, products, services, concepts, etc. So yes. However, to maintain the lead, it also needs to maintain the support while making sense. In other words, people may think it's not perfect, if they understand what it measures and how to contextualize it, they will get something out of using it as an indicator.

@Adam -- elaborate for the community? Teach us!

@Jeff -- thank you for taking the time to explain. I imagine you meant conversations ;) Maybe you used "conservations" as in stored/archived? For the hashtag, the reason why I was confused is it cached one I had used longer ago... I'll need to catch up with you on the tool itself. Thank you for offering.

@Paul -- it needs to be combination, who looks up to them, how they interact (tone, voice, content), as well as who follows them. I could have 20k bots following me, for all you know, unless you track and check. Indeed, influence is with the influenced.

@Rich -- certainly relevance (thus timing within situation) have a lot to do with it. We choose to be influenced when we're ready. Whatever Klout measures is not a reflection of what I could do... predictable outcomes.

@Aerin -- are we creating human billboards? What you describe has happened in other circles before online networks, of course. I worked very closely with sales groups my whole career and one thing they taught me is your credibility is everything in this business. It is.

Attempts at "Influence" can be bought, and one look at what the mommy blogger cohort has descended into is revealing. Once a community with it's own brand of clout, it's now largely a circle jerk of paid posts, badly disguised marketing reviews, and meaningless links to each other's sites. So yep, a highly Klouted mommy blogger has a lofty score, but is only influential within an increasingly circular club of exclusives, all fighting for PR dollars.

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