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I love your emphasis on quality here as opposed to quantity. Too often, we push to meet a calendar or arbitrary deadlines to the detriment of the brand image and substance we're attempting to portray.

"Worry less about the widgets you make available for people to share, and more about the substance of what you're putting out there. Then design to deliver that consistently and with clarity."

That's a fantastic thought. The most important things are to create the expectation of value and consistency and to deliver on that promise.

Amazing lineup of speakers,and it couldn't be more timely. The opportunities and challenges around content are huge, and quickly evolving. I agree with Gabriele in that a big issue is getting corporations, and senior management, to really take content seriously- and put the resources behind it. That ultimately means revamping the way we manage and reward employees/managers and to encourage good content from those far outside the marketing realm (too much of corporate "blogging" is basically disguised marketing speak). Of course they can always hire writers to help do the heavy lifting- the bandaid approach- but that defeats the purpose of social media, unleashing the true voices within the corporation- something I found challenging in my work the last few yrs with several big high-tech companies developing content strategies and programs, the most recent being Hewlett Packard. Despite some progress, we (corporate america) still have a long way to go on this front. Be fascinating to see how this is addressed in your conference.

This confirms my thought that there are no rules in building a content strategy, no fixed ones at least. It all varies depending on your business, your goals, the resources you can invest into it and so on. You often have to do your best with little resources, and this can make it difficult to reach the goals you set.
Making business owners/managers realize content is an asset and not a cost or waste of time is sometimes a big challenge on its own.

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