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I've been reading and learning with you. Thank you.

The only thing worth making is a difference. :)

Perhaps more valuable than leading - or even doing - change, consider ENABLING change. It's a subtle play on words, but the more I think about it, the more I like it.

Good stuff here.

This post makes me think about two ideas I'm working on:

The first is practical imagination. The idea is how many shapes can you build out of the building blocks of an organisation. The goal is to make the strongest and most resilient organisation out of these blocks. This means constantly asking what blocks do we have ( bearing in mind we keep getting new ones and losing others) and how to re-arrange these (at the approriate moment)to keep to the goal.

The second is learning lightly. Practical imagination means nothing if you don't get to attached to any particular shape of the corporation. I watch my kids and they learn lightly. Everything around them is given meaning by their context. A stick can be 100 things depending on what game they're playing. Likewise, a customer need not always be a customer. Learning lightly means being able to have more than one meaning for the parts that make up the business. Practical imagination is impossible is you are weighed down by what you learn.

By the way, I hate the word change agent. Change is a "how" word. What matters in business is the "why" and "what" words. For me it comes down to who is working toward the goal of strength and resilience. Tell me what these people are called and I'll give you your champions.

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