Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - How do you Know When to Reach out to an Influencer?

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I loved this post! I read it the other day in preparation for a lunch meeting that I had with a major influencer that our agency feels could help us with promoting our services. I am brand spanking new on the job and just 4 weeks out of college and this was the first meeting I set up for the partners of my agency (

The meeting went better than expected. This influencer not only agreed to to push business our way when he could, but also agreed to help place us in other circles of influence that he thought would be beneficial.

My question to you Valeria is what kind of follow-up do I give to this influencer? A simple email saying "thank you" another lunch out to show him we appreciate him? Or do I enquire on what he has done on his end in promoting our services like he said he would?

Just wanted your insight.

(p.s. This post seemed to attract a lot of viewers named Chase!)

Gr8 stuff Valeria,

we do need to know when to address an influencer and how to engage him... its kind of direct marketing to a specific person, and its hard to do...

point 5 is really important and hard "there is more in it for them than just spamming their network with your link" .. you need to know how to do it :)

Thanks for sharing.

little effort is not the same as well spent effort, though, is it? I wonder if we're getting down the "too stupid" road on so many front with automation, people doing the choosing and even the thinking for you... a conversation for another day.

On here, and in my business dealings, it has always been about the right connections, not the volume. When you start making more of the right connections, the scale takes care of itself through those connections. At least, that's what I have experienced by being around in business...

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