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Hello again.

I do think that the only reason I go for an upsell is if my experience as a customer has made me (that old fashioned concept) 'happy'.

If I like what I've bought and enjoyed being sold it, I'll be open to buying again.

This means being treated with respect all the way.

Does this make sense? I think it's been the basis of good business for decades.


Dan, as usual you can't see the forest through the trees in your on-going efforts to be a curmudgeon in the social space. This is about marketing and being customer-focused, not social media.

Perhaps you should have a chat with Don Schultz who has been discussing reciprocity for almost 20 years. Peter Drucker also discusses this concept. They've been around a long time...but that doesn't mean companies get it.

Like I have told you over and over the reason there aren't more examples is because most US-based companies are product-centric (like your sales comments, which are based on inside-out thinking).

There are only a handful of customer-centric (or testing the customer-centric waters): Apple, IBM, Amazon, Cisco, LaFarge, Starbucks, Lego, GE, National Instruments, Kraft, Zappos.

Becoming customer-centric is one of the hardest things a company can do. It means putting customer needs ahead of pushing products/services just to make a sales goal.

How about reading up on these concepts before setting out to bash them? Then perhaps we can have start to have an intellectual conversation.

Here's a few to get you started:

Outside Innovation by Patricia Seybold
IMC: The Next Generation by Don Schultz
The Outside-In Corporation by Barbara Bund
Reorganize for Resilience by Ranjay Gulati

Beth Harte

authentic and relevant are winners in any kind of communication. I would also add appropriate to that, which requires a bit of emotional intelligence.

I like your additional thoughts on touch points and resources.

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