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I really enjoyed Valeria's blog on customer satisfaction. We have found that having a "conversation" with even a small sampling of customers who use a website can provide a company with meaningful data to measure satisfaction, loyalty, repurchase intent and social media behaviors. And, these conversations need to occur after the consumer has received the merchandise in order that the final experience (as in this case with the monogrammed sweater) can be completely evaluated. It's amazing how companies are able to make significant improvements based on a limited number of telephone interviews where customers are "allowed" to communicate their “entire story”. The faster technology changes, the greater the need …..for companies to have a “human to human” interaction to make sure the newest technology is meeting its goals. Richard Shapiro, The Center For Client Retention

it can also be less intensive than talking with people -- the experience a business delivers through its Web site, ease of use when ordering, chat box and information easy to see and use, etc.

I love what you said about experience. You are bang on with that one.

People connect with people, not companies or brands. And the more opportunities you give your customers to connect with the great people providing customer servie, the more loyal customers you will have.

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