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Thanks for a very smart post that pulls no punches. I continue to be astonished by those who think putting all their eggs in Facebook's basket is not only smart, but somehow mandatory "or-else-you-will-die." As if that's not bad enough, they go on to claim that you must also tear down or abandon your company web site, since nothing but FB will do. What are these people smoking?

The content argument alone should be enough to dissuade companies from going all Facebook--even if their database of customers were "safe." The rented space analogy is right on.

For a company to abandon their site and go all Facebook would be like a sharecropper selling their only acre of land in order to expand their lease operation with a plantation.

Or the interwebz get tired of all the Facebook billionaire media coverage and moves on to the next MySpaceBook-type thing.

Plenty of coverage lately suggesting increases in the number of people deleting their Facebook accounts in the US, UK, and EU. Much of the growth is in developing societies. The bigger you are, the bigger the target on your back. No shortage of FB animosity out there these days. How long before someone capitalizes on that?

It makes sense to keep an outpost on Facebook, but that's about it.

I think this is all consistent with my guest article last week on the continuing worth of blogs and branded websites.

Facebook has value -- but that value isn't free. It's reckless for business, in particular, to plunge into a Facebook program without considering potential downside. Sharing your proprietary information with Facebook (and perhaps your competition) is a real consideration.

So is the possibility of weeks, months, or years of community development flying out the window if Facebook ever decides to arbitrarily blot your account off the face of the interwebz.

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