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and of course, you all know that the measure of quality needs a constant to track -- a characteristic and definition established ahead of time and agreed upon to define that experience by...

Valeria, I love, love, love this distinction between connection and collision and think it really hits home. You are right, there is so much anxiety about sheer volume that we often lose sight of quality. One thing we have been thinking a lot about at Cision, my company, is how this applies to metrics, the measurements of success of your blog, Twitter feed, Facebook page etc. The convention is page views, followers—a blank, boring count, and we’ve come to feel that doesn’t tell the right story and perhaps, in fact, succumbs to this anxiety over volume. The tools are nascent, but they are getting better, and I do think the culture will soon follow where we measure our reach and influence by truer variables, by the comments, link sharing and, even more qualitatively, simple value of engagement we have, the enjoyment we derive from these conversations. I love seeing posts like this that caution to slow down and be thoughtful. I think as the hype of social media settles a little, we will get more comfortable and a little more patient. Thanks for sharing. @ryoatcision

indeed, I have experienced the second part of your comment consistently as I look to communicate a vision for something that doesn't exist yet... I'm actually wrestling with publishing less. Fewer new ideas here.

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