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Hi Valeria, I speculated about this very point: why Apps Users are delayed from Google Plus. I think it is down to risk management from Google. And as much as I am personally frustrated I understand their caution.

Great post Valeria. I've been online and playing with Google+ for a few days now. I love the circle concept that you outline here and can see how it may change social forever by allowing you to segment your audience. This seems to be the one resounding positive I see from early adopters / testers of Google+ .

Beyond that, I can see the promise of Google+. but am not (yet) convinced it can and will upset Facebook as a mass offering especially if we see Facebook move to something similar to Circles very quickly. If they do, this could be a very strong defense to Google+.

What are your thoughts on Facebook's ability and appetite to counter Circles?

I'll continue to dig through the offering, experiment, play and learn from others like yourself.

Thanks for posting your thoughts.


Happy 4th of July! I finally managed to be able to log in and give Google+ a spin.

While my initial reaction with most things Google is usually kid-in-a-candy-store in nature - wide-eyed, mouth agape with "Bliss" written large across my face - with Google+ I felt a little let down. Don't get me wrong, the thinking behind "Circles" and categorizing contacts that way is just one more intuitive manner in which to organize our lives, just like handling email threads as conversations was in Gmail. However, between Google Buzz and now Google+, Google seemed to have stopped looking to the future, and resorted to competing one-on-one with Twitter and Facebook, respectively.

I suppose I envision a one-stop-shop for all things Google, without having little bits of utilitarian software and/or online apps scattered all over the place. I may not have to log in more than once, but I do have to switch windows between/tabs between my email, what my friends are saying about stuff on Buzz, and what else they're saying about stuff on Google+.

Thank you for your insights into Google+ and for mentioning things that I hadn't really considered myself. Among other things, I'm not a Google Apps user and so haven't experienced the kinds of difficulties that you speak of. Looking forward to more of your pioneering ideas in the near future.


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