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Here's my take: a digital business' long-term viability depends solely on its ability to obsolete itself. As Oracle CEO pointed out, technology is moving faster than fashion. The conceit of dialtone is that everything can be addressed, reliably. That notion is dependent on the nature of the corpus, which is changing from a keyword index to Battelle's Database of Intentions. Soon the corpus will include the Internet of Things.

(Hypothesis 9 inverts Americas dominance in PCs where the US had one operating system enabling more efficient innovation in the right parts of the stack, while Japanese companies like Fujitsu each had their own OS, hamstringing PC app innovation. Mobile flipped the situation because each country other than the US has a single mobile carrier. It took years just to get domestic carriers like Verizon to agree to a common short code protocol.)


interesting. You picked at the least significant (because it's the one we can do the last about) of the hypotheses to McNamee.

timing is everything, in investments, and in life. Being able to recognize a trend early on and doing something about it, can pay off.

Intent = influence.

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