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I am glad that people are still taking on this topic, it's one of the most relevant subjects being discussed with all the flawed tools measuring influence out there.

Speaking of influence, I am reading this post because Lisa Gerber shared the link via Twitter. Your tools would have indicated that I arrived here via Twitter. Klout, etc, wouldn't know that I clicked her link they only know how many times I've mentioned or RT her. How could someone measure that? They also wouldn't ever know that several people told me very favorable things about Lisa and that's why I am following her.

Cheers and great post, you are already influential with me because you are talking intelligently about an important subject. Measure that. :)

Klout is just the new (one of many) reputation score (analogous to a financial FICO score). It's very early, but I believe they'll be doing a lot more in determine your influence and online reputation.

I do like the frequent offers from Klout to attend events or try new products. That appears to be their future strategy. A type of Groupon for influential people.

of course, "C" is a misnomer. Impact is a lot deeper than retweeting. Plus, if it's a slow day on Twitter, and there isn't a lot of content there, my post may get retweeted more readily -- yet context and situational information are not part of it on a case by case basis, only as an overall pattern. To make it fun, let's say I have a very poor sense of timing and have not read any of the cool posts by Dan Zarrella about the optimal time/days to tweet. or I'm busy during those times. Darn, I guess I won't be graduating on top of the influencer class ;-)

We both know that the size of the network has relative relevance to the message penetration. As long as there are ways to game it by popularity and not by actually coming through, you're not going to have a good sample there.

Good food for thought, Gary. Thank you.

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