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I was waiting to respond to this thoughtful comment of yours because, if we're voted in and accepted, we plan to have a meaty discussion of the topic of disruptive technology at SxSW interactive next year. It's been long a dream of mine to bring together the two worlds of business and technology, and for the sake of the viability of commerce, we need to.

The topic of my dual, introducing a very special person, will be Disruptive Tech: When it Builds Strong Business. If you'd like, you can vote here

I agree, Valeria. Not the technology. I wonder if investors are running because the tech sector - unlike the banking, insurance, and assembly line automotive industry - was not deemed "too big to fail" at the turn of the century and, despite being the driving force behind the global economy, would not get a bailout.

It's the short-sighted pursuit of symptoms, leaving the root causes of all these problems to fester. Eventually, these problems get Gangrenous and have to be amputated.

I mean, really. All this talk about creating jobs. Why? If we're shorting the education system, which is already turning out graduates who can't read or write, what makes anyone think we're going to get decent, meaningful jobs out of that?

If someone in China could do the job for less money or a computer could do it faster, it's NOT a job we need. Yet I suspect our representatives will engage in more counter-productive protectionism to get just that. In the end, this focus on symptoms instead of causes leads to a choice between owning a McDonald's or working there.

We need to be looking to the future, determining what it should look like for people, places, and planet, and then work our way backward to where we are, determining the milestones along the way.

And nobody is going to do it for us.

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