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Hi brian,

Promises are a buzzword. It's a shame.

Can you imagine a scientist saying atoms are a buzzword or biologist saying cells are a buzzword. Promises are the basic building blocks of the corporation. How they're are put togther is the diiference between Apple and their competitors.

For me promises are less about personal responsibility and more about how you trade them /keep them to be stronger, more resilient and enduring.


Why isn't the culture about keeping promises? Sadly, I think it's because the culture is increasingly about reaping rewards without the effort investment. Personal responsibility is in short supply, and where there is no personal responsibility, promises are but a buzzword used to generate leads.

We must question everything, continually re-evaluate the status quo, and be willing to reboot the system when it's clear (and it's often clear, if you step away from the echo chamber) that's the best bet for long term sustainability.

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