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Valeria, Thank you for your clear insight as ever

I joined google+ today and I must say I like how you can easily find and add interesting people to circles. I'm really excited by it.

I love facebook too but the 'like' vs 'friend' dichotomy is inconvenient. Even with the lists option makes it harder to organise content in a way that allows focus on specialised interests, Like G+ or twitter does. This would be useful to me for work.

I had a whole big elaborate comment written out, and when I hit post, the blog seems to have deleted it. :(

Anyway, the features I'm most looking forward to with the Facebook facelift (har har) are the new "watched," "read," and other like-minded buttons that offer great expansions on the "like" feature.

That said, I think you're absolutely right about the differences between FB and G+. FB is cultivating relationships and innovations while G+ is still stuck in the rudimentary stages of development. I'm not sure that I'm yet completely onboard with G+ - I actually logged in for the first time in weeks last night and played around with some of the features - but I don't really see what it offers that's new and different from the conversation that's already been started by Facebook. What are your thoughts on this?

Google+ isnt about innovation, its about bringing their products into one hub. I think the true benefits for site owners and bloggers would be to integrate Webmaster Tools and Analytics accounts into the google+, but that may be just my thinking as it was only other developers that were in my circles until today.

Its going to be interesting over the next few months to see what happens with the launch..

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