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My issue actually is with the delivery company, Urban Express. Yes, IKEA is expecting me to take a couple of trips back and forth to the store, because there's nobody on the other line of the phone... the logistics company that does their delivery is not doing them any favors in the reputations department.

Lack of interest in this case, as in many others where automation has been implemented, stems from nobody stepping forward and owning getting the question answered, or the problem fixed as it may be. Instead, out of sight, out of mind... it's even worse that rudeness. It's lack of interest.

It sounds like you have not visited one of their stores in Italy.

Interestingly, I wonder how much cultural influence affects service? I used to be a big fan of IKEA for a great many years before they entered the US market. Whilst living in the UK and France, service was polite, delivery prompt, and everyone followed the instructions (i.e. entered the store at the entrance and exited at the exit). I never had a reason to call them.

My first, and subsequent, sojourns to IKEA in NJ and FL have left a bitter taste. Customers don't care about systems or rules - they seem to want what they want when they want it. There are always a large number of people fighting to enter through the exit, walk through the cashiers and then look thoroughly lost with bewildered faces such as "is this it?" By following the arrows on the floor I'd get more bruises from opposite traffic than if I wound my way through the displays.

Could such carelessness, laziness, and entitlement spill over into the employees, too? From your experience above, it sounds possible. Shame. I liked the company, and still like a lot of their products, but I'm much less likely to shop at IKEA USA than at IKEA Europe.

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