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You lost me on this one, Brian. Flipboard is an incredibly addictive publication, which a user can customize according to their preferences. On the back end, it collects information about what people stream as preferences, then serve up relevant ads.

Meaning and value needs to be embedded in the products as well. There are some brands I really don't care to talk to -- anywhere, any time. All I want is that it works. At the same time, I want to know if they update and upgrade. Apple is one example. Their products are great... they also advertise. I'm more concerned with the business model and the trade, than I am with how "social" a brand is, if that makes sense.

I'm not entirely familiar with Flipboard, but it seems as though it's a sort of hybrid, digital magazine blog platform. In this way, how is implementing full-page advertising innovative?

From where I sit, it seems the "new" media is collecting accolades while merely tracing "legacy" media's footsteps in new shoes. If the objective is A) build an audience, B) monetize with advertising, how long before the NEXT "new media" arrives, relieving the current crop of innovators of their budgets?

I might be missing the point, because I see you clearly touched on it in this piece, Valeria, when you said, "there is also an argument to be made for relevant advertising." I read this to mean - and likely due to my own position on the matter - relevant advertising as in advertising which seeks to do more than generate leads and sales for the advertisers.

This all seems a vicious cycle of chasing the audience to move widgets, when it seems it would make more sense long term to provide meaning and value to the audience through platform+customer+client relationships.

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