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which is why we trade promises based on our assets so we we can trade better promises. The wind on a business sails is trade. Easy to get distracted with third parties that don't matter, I realize.

The "social proofing" aspect is a fine line, though... at least for those of us still establishing ourselves. On one level I know and value that internalizing and thinking leads to the kind of work that clients not just value, but need. On another... information is exchanged at such a blinding pace. The world is filled with as many if not more charlatans than legitimate competitors. To take time to internalize, think, and build is a risk when it comes to rapid social proofing. Maybe less of one if it means attracting the right clients, but also more of one if it slows a person down.

(I have experienced the discomfort of wondering whether I think too slowly and analytically for "real time PR," and whether that means I'm better suited to other forms of communicating than that which necessitates "real time." But I deeply appreciate knowing that my vertical focus is respectable. Social proofing, indeed! :) )

yes, lots of window shopping in social; few meaningful (because relevant) exchanges; too many in it for themselves (short term).

The networks are built in a way that makes you believe "social proofing" is more important than internalizing and thinking.

I edit my reading and conversations ruthlessly to gain space for my own work.

I admire your vertical focus, actually. Mastery is a worthy pursuit. So I'm a big fan ;-)

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