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Yes -- "Social networks have made it easier to give people the illusion that they are putting in, when in reality they aren't." I had that thought, typing my response. (Which sounds so shallow!)

It is not that I lack the interest in finding new people who are doing new things. It's more a matter of efficiency in building relationships. It's hard not to feel cynical about 25 people I've never heard of adding me to their "INTJ" circle. I don't feel the need to share all that much about being an INTJ -- as a communicator, I seek to learn about others' styles and ways of relating, so much the better for clients.

There is also the matter of having to absorb before one can contribute. Facebook and Twitter have spoiled us. We can glance at pictures, "like" a post, opt not to follow the tweet's link. With G+ it's very much like Google Reader, where I have more than 600 posts waiting for me to read. I have to digest before feeling I can contribute anything of value. And if I am switching gears among law enforcement, digital forensics, and business... well, I don't switch gears within one day. But often, I devote less attention to business topics than I do to my "vertical." Something that may require me to think differently about my approach.

In any case, thank you for making me think about what I am (not) doing, and why that is.

It does require more work and I don't mind doing that. What's interesting to note, though, is that it shows quickly how little attention people pay to the things *they* sign up for in the first place. I started a circle for business/technology conversations and every time I share only within that circle, I get almost zero participation... even polling people. Was that a way to get a "circle" because it feels equivalent to a follow? Fundamentally, one gets out of life what they put in. Social networks have made it easier to give people the illusion that they are putting in, when in reality they aren't.

So while bringing the share and create layers together, Google has an opportunity to create a new experience. Alas, it is probably banking on users showing the way...

Mike, you and I have know each other for a long time, which is why I am surprised at your "look beyond" comment. I think I have demonstrated I'm not after the quick judgment/conclusion/buzzword for the sake of talking about business has changed.

Are you implying I am a "pundit" and cannot look beyond? You're right in that I don't look beyond, I look before -- at assets, trade, and promises. And Google is missing out on a really good trade.

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