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I like the idea of G+ more than I have liked its execution. Of all the networks, it is most cumbersome to add people and follow conversation, because there is more to digest.

Twitter and Facebook both allow me to assess at a glance whether a person would be a good fit to add to my network. With G+ I need to scroll through a stream as well as a separate About page to get a feel for the person who has added me. (BTW, most of the people adding me are those I feel I have very little in common with, based on what they're sharing through the circle they've put me in.)

After I have added people, I am still taking considerable time to scroll through a circle's stream. That would seem to indicate I need more tightly focused circles. But how much time do I want to spend creating and then maintaining many circles? Perhaps I am better off following fewer people overall on G+?

Or different people... which may necessitate figuring out different content to share, or being more thoughtful about that content. Thus G+ may require much less of a "take it or leave it" approach to sharing than either Twitter or Facebook. Even so, coming up with more thoughtful conversation means... spending more time. For that, I'd need to figure out how to make it pay, intangibly if not monetarily. At the moment, that isn't happening to the extent it does with Twitter or email.

Look beyond the "social network" aspect. Google is.

It would be unfair to oneself to compare Google+ to Facebook or Twitter, for it would limit ones vision to the possibilities.

Changes that are made in a week at this time might change in a matter of days in the future. The Google Reader changes are not as catastrophic as some "pundits" led their readers to believe - of course, they didn't read the full post put out by Google either, so . . .

I think the limits and hurdles folks face in using Google+ is the folks themselves, not Google+

It's not apples-to-apples, nor even apples-to-oranges. If Facebook is an orange and Twitter is an apple, Google+ is a shopping cart that holds them.

Look beyond the "social networking" piece. Google is.

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