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better, now I know what we're discussing. The two are not mutually exclusive, are they? Branson continues to do some hard thinking about what he wants to do more of, which allows him to trade better promises, and what he wants to do less of or none at all. Or am I missing your point?

Also, turning pro is intended to have no judgment of right of wrong. It is, or isn't good trade.

Having read your article I went to the other site and stumbled over the article as I just read his name here.

Having read what he said about the value of inexperience I find the two articles to match though.

To me it seems like his approach have made him a pro as you define it here.

His lack of experience was part of what made him see things more clearly and avoid some of the mistakes that the statements you cite show aren't uncommon.

Hard thinking is hence not enough if it done poorly or based on the wrong premises (which can come from too much experience).

That was more less what the comment was meant to be about. I apologize for simply putting the link in and not explaining the point.

since the comment about his recent book was an addition/example at the end, I'm not really sure what your comment is about...

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