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I came across this article in AdAge today

"Geniuses make themselves evident by having ideas bigger than we can conceive; it seems that they can see the future. Their thinking is highly disciplined, even though their behavior might not be. They appear fearless.

Why don't we listen?"

Leading is in my DNA. I don't know how *not* to see what is coming. I'm a systems thinker (with lots of practical experience of what doesn't work to back it up).

The work I'm doing doesn't exist anywhere else, so it's a mission that goes with that vision. One that is often misunderstood and taken for granted.

Being able to rely on someone is priceless. That is what I've been offering here. I'm grateful I have such a mastermind group of peers because we can never get back time...

BTW - People are fascinating.

Whattaya mean once I stop writing and it goes away?

There are 7Bn people in the world now. That means there are 7,000 one-in-a-million types. Last I checked (as Im replying to this comment via email), you have close to 20,000 subscribers. From where Im sitting, if you can help just a third of your subscribers affect change and succeed, your work is valuable beyond measure, Valeria.

We all face the disinterest of the masses. They simply consume, forgetting the bulk of what they read within minutes. Whats worse, there are those who feign interest merely for personal gain, hiding behind pseudonyms because, subconsciously, they know theyre shills. But for the relatively small group of people who have sought to understand and experienced success - however minor - through the application of your ideas elsewhere, your work is important, it is appreciated, it is priceless.

I, for one, found my calling, my lifes work, because of your efforts here. Surely, I cant be the ONLY one in 20,000 to have experienced such a revelation. And, if it is indeed the case, that only 1-in-20k will see such results, doesnt that make you want to get to that 40k mark?

Maybe I read between the wrong lines, here, but I like to err on the side of positivity. We all need to know were appreciated from time to time. :)


Should you give people exactly what they're looking for.

This needs context;

Why are they looking for it
Why am I be giving
Can i deliver what they are looking for
Did I promise to give or is it an unsolicited gift ( or is it a combination of both)
What am I getting in return ( goodwill, a warm feeling, $, influence etc)
What is 'price' of being exact and the risk of being inexact.

Giving is algorithmic but for which there is often no measurable answer.

So yes, give people exactly what they want but only if that's appropriate.

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