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Valeria, I love the range of people that have written in about themselves, and I think that points to your ability to connect with a wide range of people.

As you know, I'm Taylor. I love creating and connecting, and it shows up in many different ways on the web and elsewhere. I don't really like talking about myself; it's far more fun to just do stuff and let that show who we are. I am passionate about creating change to solve problems; instead of focusing on what exists currently, I like thinking of what could be and then working to make it happen.

I usually apply that focus to business strategy and financial modeling for growing companies; if you asked me what I was, I'll typically use "Business Designer", a term @thinksmith first introduced me to. I'm a generalist with a lot of specialties.

But you know that :)

Taylor / @tdavidson

Hello I'm Pete Kunk, I'm a partner with Built To Lead an Executive Coaching firm located in Powell Ohio. Our mission is to walk the halls of Corporate America, find those poor dead souls who have stopped dreaming, sold their souls and given up on meaningful work.....AND revive them! We eat sleep and breath Leadership Development.You can't lead anybody any further than you have lead yourself....leadership begins with you and your CORE Belief's.

I hate to admit this but I will....Twitter..FaceBook....all this Social Media stuff..."What does that have to do with serious business practices?" I can't believe I actually said that! I'm 58 years old and I love technology and learning new things... BUT I Just Didn't Get It!!

AND then one afternoon a beautiful, bright, high energy young lady (Kendra Ramirez) introduced me to Social Media Networking and Conversation Agent.....AND things have not been the same...I love the conversations taking place, the ideas,innovation and all the opportunities to truly connect as a community.

I read 10 blogs a day and a mound of information looking for fresh ideas and insights to share with clients. Valeria Maltoni, Conversation Agent has become my all time favorite Blog....AND the blog of choice for my clients....YOU make me look good every time I recommend you to a friend, client and the community.

This is a terrific idea, Thanks for allowing me to be part of it!

Pete Kunk

Thanks for your generosity, Valeria, in giving us this forum.

My name is John Carson, and I've been working in the media (UK/Canada) since 1995 as a journalist, editor, content manager, PR/communications guy -- and of course, aren't we all? -- social media consultant.

My latest project is co-founding Greenscroll, a non-profit helping people to invest in green energy projects to power the Internet. We all use it, right? Let's put something back! (That's my advert over.)

Thanks again, and feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn or Twitter.

John Carson
@johncarson / @greenscroll

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