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Hi, I'm Steve Cantrell, Public Relations Manager for the NM Dept of Cultural Affairs. I oversee media relations for the four state museums in Santa Fe and the six state monuments located throughout NM. A one-person dept. When I started 3 1/2 years ago PR2.0 and social media were just hitting their stride. Attended two seminars at the outset to see what this buzz was about and found that it might act as a "virtual assistant." Unfortunately lack of time has kept me from pursuing everything as much as I want but am encouraged the museums' FaceBook Pages have taken off. Also want to expand my efforts as traditional media shrinks. is our main web site and there are links from each museum's home page to their FaceBook Page.

My name is Luis Velasco, I am Business Development manager for a Business Intelligence and customer insight company in Madrid,
I have lived and worked in Chile, Perú and Spain.I love to learn, cook and eat spanish and peruivian food and drink some red wine.
I am married and have a 6 year old daughter.
I am a also a creative entrepeneur with small companies in the countries I mentioned. I am starting to get involved in politics here with a party in Spain. We feel democracy has been taken away by traditional parties and must be given back to people and we are working in achieving that trough internet 2.0:. Collaboration, dialogue and community.

Howdy. Thanks to Conversation Agent for providing this great networking tool. Big fan.

I'm Alan Lopuszynski, an online marketing guy, blogger, film buff and husband-dad. I recently started a job as Director of Marketing for an HVAC and building controls company at I create online videos, marketing content, and take advantage of social media tactics to learn, network, chat, explore and - somewhere down on that list - sell more stuff online.

I am not now, nor will I ever likely be, a social media rockstar. But I enjoy the hell out of the possibilities and challenges found in the online SM world and every day I find something new and thrilling. That should be enough, right?

I went to Syracuse University, spent almost 10 years in the film industry, and my wife and I are the proud and often delightfully weary parents of three disturbingly bright boys.

Thanks, Valeria, for the open forum!

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