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Absolutely brilliant post. Thanks for that.

Oh my Rick, you reminded me of the long hand exercises I took in primary school. Pages and pages of them! The task was made even more difficult for me by the fact that I was supposed to be left handed and had to 'train' to become right handed. Thank you for sharing the article.

**Sorry about the double post..trying to get the link to article correct**)
Great article!!! It so reminded me of a recent incident I had with my child and her new school. We recently moved our child to a different school, and while making a visit I noticed that none of the posted assignments were in cursive.Maybe I have lived in a bubble (acknowledged), but when did we stop teaching cursive writing? The teacher stated that is was no longer a requirement and that block letters were preferable.?!?!? I am attaching a web address which readers can go to addressing the issue in a recent article called "The Handwriting Is on the Wall(
content/article/2006/10/10/AR2006101001475.html).Thanks again for giving attention to and promoting the art/field of language.

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