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Thanks for the link, Valeria. I'd also like to offer that Chapter 24 of The Virtual Handshake is all about finding a job using online networks, including several action steps to help make your search more effective.

The book is currently downloadable for free -- the right price for job-seekers! :-)

My definition of career, as Wikipedia's [] comprises all of the successive situations that make up a person's work life. We are very much in charge of our own career.

As Tom Peters said at least 7 years ago, the future of work is nonlinear, with people holding jobs in many different industries for various lengths of time.

Hi, Valeria,

"Career" may no longer be the best way to frame the idea of worklife.

I think a new way to begin to look at it is from the standpoint of "What kinds of projects do I want to be involved with?" If we look at what's really happening, there is little or no loyalty from or to employers. Everyone is beginning to move from project to project--some through employment, some through self-employment.

Careers are now being "chunked."

What would happen if we started to legitimately think of it that way?

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