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Joaquin - of course I liked Federica's article because it was half in jest. And that's how I extended it in my post.

Drew - your post is a great build on my point. I think your curiosity on wht's out there also contributes to your going shopping.

So refreshing to see two guys get the whole gift thing!

Great post! Christmas is just about the only time you can drag me into a mall without some sort of bribe. But I love shopping this time of year.

Why? Because one of the most satisfying parts of the holidays for me is shopping for that "just right" gift for someone in my life. I love knowing them so well or remembering some tidbit from a conversation that leads me to the perfect gift.

Underneath that gift is the message -- you matter enough to me that I took the time to listen and to search for a gift that will matter to you. And show you that you matter to me.

That, I love!


Hi Valeria,
Do you really agree with Federica? I mean, the ONLY reason I´ve been to a mall lately is to buy my sister the thing I knew would make her happy, and when I bought it I only thought of her (what pleasure can I obtain out of buying a purse?). Feeling pleasure in knowing that she´ll like it and then I buy it, that yes. And by your post I sense that´s what you get too.
Merry Christmas.

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