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Mark -- thank you for stopping in and for taking the time to make the recommendation.

Richie -- I think that's the reason why print is not going away any time soon; we love to hold a book in our hands. Seth had it right; it's a great compendium of knowledge to carry around for reference.

Vaspers -- and it was stealth training as well. One thing my sales group in the lead and the customer service reps with them do really well is listening to our customers. So my idea was to give our customers something to read that our group would then want to read as well. It worked!

I had given a galley copy to our CEO back in March of last year as I was planning to do this and he was behind the move 150%. He let me take the initiative. There can be enlightened moments, that was one of them.

Stephen -- I read that book, thank you for the advice. In this case, my audience travels a great deal and spends a lot of time in the field. There are many unintended interruptions for them during the course of a day. I was going for something that could make an impact in small doses, and would let us give back. The Big Moo was the perfect choice.

In the end it boiled down to doing something I love -- sharing information and knowledge with our customers. And that clearly came through.

Can I shamelessly plug a book that you should read, give away, and also require your team to read with a mandatory test at the end? And that I won't make a nickel selling to you?

Go out and get and read and then give away The Science of Influence by Robert Cialdini.

I've done all of the above with this one. (Sorry for the interruption. But operators are standing by!)

PS the CEO should give the book...AND demand a book review written report in 45 days, with a test at the end of the reading period.

For every one to be on the same page, they have to read the same books.

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