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Excellent post and thanks for sharing Venice with us. I love the city and frequently get lost crossing the bridges.

Anna -- the engagement is what pays. In the end, what's important to know is that you've made a difference, and there is no price on that.

Matt -- the funny thing is that I'm much more used to listening to my recorded voice in English than in Italian these days; although I dubbed 200 hours of video lectures into my mother language at one point. I had a great time talking to my Customer Service colleagues for the article: it's worth a read.

Thank you for the support.


Great interview on The Engaging Brand, I listened to it last night actually. It's always wonderful to hear the voice behind the blogger (I love your accent by the way).

On building bridges, your mix of humanity and business is great. The relationships outlast servers, phone systems and projects and in the end it's all that matters.

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