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great post. your's are all VERY valid. here are some others:

6. have fun
7. learn
8. influence
9. pay the bills
10. connect

Valeria - Wonderful post! Not only am I humbled to be tagged by you, but in the company of others who I respect and admire as well. Please give me a bit of time to think thru my responses .. tho I'm letting you know up front they will not be as eloquent as yours.

I agree with William Tully; my reasons for blogging today are far different than they were when I launched Diva Marketing. Sounds like it will be a soul searching exercise.

Lewis -- the gold medal for succinct comments that make an impact. I like the fact that you blog about business, it keeps me as I'm sure all your readers challenged and in learning mode.

Mike -- you've been quiet lately, I know you were involved with a great project; one you are passionate about. So I thought I would invite you into my world and am eager to see where the thinking develops in yours.

Tully -- if you read my welcome note, which I wrote at ground zero, my reasons why have not changed. It was an online migration of what I have been doing (some will say well) offline since I can remember. Boy, I like your dry style, and I know you mean every bit of it too.

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