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Matt -- putting an idea into words allows us to stabilize the information and packages it so it can be shared. I'm sure you find it is true for you as well; the ideas that don't make it were stepping-stones to other ideas...

Steve -- writing is a pretty lonely activity. It's you and your thoughts made visible through ink or black type on white screen. My theory on the posts you are most proud of and yet generate no response is that there are many ways to respond to something. The biggest compliment someone can give you is to *act* on an idea or post by doing or drawing inspiration from it. Of course, we are not always good about closing the communication loop and letting you know that we did just that.

What an elegant way to talk about blogging. And it speaks speaks the truth in characterizing the ups and downs of writing.

There are so many instances where I think "no one will care about this," only to find that those are the posts that generate the conversation. And ones that I believe will hit a nerve? sometimes they seem to evaporate.

So it's important to remember, as you often say, that it's about the conversation. It's not a show.

Valeria - this is one of the most important reasons that I blog. Being able to take an idea, even a partial idea, put it into words, possibly create a diagram to support it and then ultimately get feedback on it is invaluable.

Some ideas don't make it, but the majority do and the conversation around those ideas is where the real beauty of blogging happens. People helping other people grow.

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